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Tsuba by Kanshiro Nishigaki


Goto Ichijo tsuba, from a design by Kano Tan'yu, dated 1856 Of oval form, carved in shishiaibori (sunken relief) with Hotei seated beneath an overhanging cliff, beside a rushing stream, the reverse with a broom and rolled makimono; inscribed and dated Sonkun no motome ni ojite Tan'yu hitsu (Painted by Tan'yu to the commission of a respected client), Ansei san tatsu uzuki Goto Hokkyo Ichijo with kao in the fourth month of the third, Dragon, year of Ansei [1856],

Goto Hokkyo Ichijo. 7.3cm


Fruit tree and bird tsuba Signed Naoyoshi with kao


Longevity Rats Tsuba


kinko Shakudo wave tsuba £770


Sakudo and Gold Dragon in clouds tsuba

Reference only

What I think may be a

Ishiguro Lilly tsuba?


Crane Tsuba


Copper Horse Tsuba



Hoho bird tsuba

Shakudo. Gold and copper.

the phoenix is identified as the Ho-ho (alternatively, ho-o) bird. As is common in east Asia, it is a sunbird … the sun is often represented in the art form of a bird. The ho-ho bird is a messenger of goodwill and sits on top of the torii.


Nara school Shakudo and Shibuichi Hotei and his sack with Gold inlays by Toshinaga £800

Goto Ho bird and kiri

with a dragon rim tsuba


Small Goto shakudo dragon tsuba


Black dragon tsuba in shakudo with gold eyes and gold ad silver sea spray


Mino Tsuba


Shakudo dragon in waves tsuba £550

Nanakoji Tsuba with gold mimi £750

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.


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