Radburn Collection

Exceptional Swords and fittings

Passionate for quality,  dedicated to the preservation of  fine, exceptional Japanese swords and fittings whilst safeguarding these treasures for future generations.

Radburn Collection (part)

Mark became interested in Samurai and Bushido after becoming a junior Judo player and wanted to understand the origins of Japanese martial arts. After buying a few books I realised that the sword and its fittings were at the heart of Samurai culture. Eventually I purchased a copy of Sasano’s book - Early Japanese Sword Guards - sukashi tsuba and was immediately smitten with the classic iron sukashi tsuba schools that Sasano illustrated and wrote about with so much passion. I slowly began to form my collection buying from UK dealers and fellow collectors and then venturing into the big auction houses as my knowledge (and wallet) grew. My aim was to collect examples of all the classic iron schools - Ko Katchushi, Ko Tosho, Kyo, Owari, Shoami, Kanayama, Akasaka and Higo etc. Marks goal was always to buy tsuba of good quality and condition with a design that appealed my eye - if they had papers that was a bonus. Some schools proved more elusive than others but over the years the collection grew. As I became more experienced I started to travel to Japan to meet dealers and collectors and this has been the source of most of my acquisitions in recent years.

The collection started with a broad range of schools but over the last few years I have become particularly interested in Higo fittings and this is now the main focus of my collecting. So mark made the decision to pick out a favourite of the other schools to keep and enjoy but let the remaing part of my collection go. I hope you will find something that is on offer that appeals to your aesthetic sense and are able to make a purchase and that you derive as much enjoyment form these wonderful works of art as I have done.

Mark is a life long member of the Token Society of GB and a member of the European branch of the NBTHK. I have spoken at various Token meetings and most recently at the Samurai Art Expo in Utrecht.